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Reviews for "King's Game"

Very cute sound effects.

If I might make a suggestion, aside from the construction that this is a pretty common idea; it does have decent sound effects, and the graphics are a little stout. However, there is one problem I have run into a few times and I'm still on the first collection - When I fire a shot, it gives little time between before the enemy fires. Now what I'm suggesting is that if you're to do another project like this, make sure you allow time before the opponent fires.

A lot easier than most other games like this, but sound effects are cute and the game is easy to complete fully. All it takes is time, but time flies by when you play this game! Since not a new idea and it has been done hundreds of time before, only 4. Great work though, so use it to create something more unique!

Nothing too new or amazing, extra star for the sound effects though

Very easy to collect medals ...