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Reviews for "King's Game"

I don't care what other people say. Even if it is inspired by Angry Birds it's still a addictive and enjoyable little game in my opinion. Some people are just too fussy and can't respect it for what it is and how much effort went into making it .

In that regard I give a 4/5. ;)

It's not necessarily a bad game... it's just too much of a rip off of Angry Birds.

Standard Angry Birds rip-off.

Overall, it was pretty easy. I had to retry only 2 of the levels, and those were just to get crowns. 9/10 of the Rush levels (which, being last, I assumed would be challenging) could be finished with a single midlevel shot.

The powerups destroyed balance. Having constant fireballs really made it hard to take a non-metal level seriously. As a designer, limiting resources is one of your most powerful tools in shaping difficulty. Learn to use it; don't throw it away for the sake of giving upgrades.

Also, the racks on the prisoners felt pretty out of place for an otherwise childish game. But, maybe that's just me.

aNGRY bIrds??

Submissions like this make me a little pity that I am russian.

The whole sound of the game is awful: the unquantised music, the wrongly pitches sfx and the stupid voice-acting spoils A LOT!

But still - could be much worse. Good luck next time guys!