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Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Great game.

This flash game definitely holds up to this day! It was fun, entertaining and it caught me by surprise by how many routes there were to take, just by whether you lose, win or half-ass a minigame.

"Take a few seconds, reflect your results, now relive your life from sperm to adult."

Good game! I like the idea of having so many possible endings, even tho I struggled at the wiggle minigame.

Definitely deserves all the stars.

Have a nice day :)

dude i clicked the fuck outta this game when i saw egoraptor wiener barf was in the game

At last I've done everything!
This was insane and super fun. Seeing all the crazy and multiple choices fold out. I can only imagine the hell it took to make this. But all worth it in the end, fantastic!