Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Awesome!I like This Game!

Very good; a lot of content. One problem, though, is that the mini-games are too difficult, making replaying for alternate endings a chore (particularly the endings where you have to reach the bus). The difficulty wouldn't be so bad if you didn't need to replay them a lot, so a system like Flee the Complex would fix that, where you can see all the branches and go to any you've reached.

very nice game but it take a LOT of time to load

FrozenFire responds:

It's a lot of audio, but overall it's only ~40MB

Unless it can be loaded dynamically, this game's structural design is terrible for optimization.

I love games like these where you can choose what path you go. Games like "Relive Your Life" and the Henry Stickman series are very well made. I also like the ryhm you put in

Took me 3 hours but got all the medals and endings.
I know this was made 4 years ago but I still play it.
It was so good that i had to get all the endings/medals.
All I want to say is good job !