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Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Great game. Classic. Too bad the sequel didn't ever get released.

got doctor who, gay

edit: FrozenFire, thank you for responding to my review and wishing me well in my coming out, it means a lot.
unfortunately however, this does not change my opinion on your game. I have raised the score to 2 stars as I believe I was a bit too harsh with the rating itself the first time around, but my original opinion stands.
My main issue with the game is in fact the Doctor Who ending, as it is gay, however there are some other flaws I can go into if you are willing to hear it.

FrozenFire responds:

I am proud of you and honored that you chose my flash game as your platform for coming out of the closet! <3 Never be ashamed of who you are. I hope you find a man who makes you as happy as you have made me today :)))))

I missed playing this game around 2011...I almost forgot the name.

I have been looking to play this game for years, Fucking love this.

Amazing game. This idea is very original and fun. I love the art style in this game. It's cartoony and fun. I can't wait for Relive Your Life 2!