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Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Holy crap I killed Morgan Freeman in my true ending! Sorry world

I like how this game has so many different outcomes based on the decisions that you make throughout your life. Definitely a very interesting concept for a game.

i just got all the endings and boy was it worth it!

This game is incredibly stupid.. And amazing at the same time. Super fun to try and get every life.

Also very surprised Arin managed to rhyme every line in this game, considering he can't seem to form a single coherent sentence on GamGrumps.

This game is amazing. Arin's voice suits the narration perfectly. I love the rhyming and the myriad of choices. I've lived all 29 lives with a little help from a walkthrough. it's quite interesting how failure, doing nothing, and failing at different responses to a situation create such different consequences.