Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

Took me 3 hours but got all the medals and endings.
I know this was made 4 years ago but I still play it.
It was so good that i had to get all the endings/medals.
All I want to say is good job !

Amazing. I personally think Egoraptor has one of the best narrating voices on the internet, so thats great. Funny, creative, original and random. The best ending I've found so far is the high-five with Kramer. Probably the best in the entire game. Probably the best ending in the entire world, dude

The game ...
- is very fun
- is very good animated
- has got a good concept,

but I have got one question:

Why do I get 100 Points for finishing off the bear called "Rambo"???

FrozenFire responds:

You beat every game and that just happens to be the "Perfect" Ending

This game is awesome and hilarious! Fantastic job dude!

This game was great, really original in how its done, i recommend it!