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Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

i got married

too fast... I tried to keep up but it's almost like the timer is just glitched to skip right to the end of the time limit. clearly a game made for those without eyelids, bc if you blink, you just screwed up big time

FrozenFire responds:

screwing up and going down a new path is half the fun. Lose on purpose or don't even play a game and you'll find yourself completely new!

A bit hard but overall fun

Way do damn hard to complete, not interesting enough for me to spend time trying. I did what I could but when it came to typing the sentences (I'm a really slow typist), and the arrow sequences, the amount of effort made it too frustrating to continue.
Not trying to be mean, sorry.

My fisrt ending was with Godman Freenan.