Reviews for "Relive Your Life"

dude i clicked the fuck outta this game when i saw egoraptor wiener barf was in the game

At last I've done everything!
This was insane and super fun. Seeing all the crazy and multiple choices fold out. I can only imagine the hell it took to make this. But all worth it in the end, fantastic!

ALL LIVES BABY! (also you can get some endings by doing nothing, like on the bus and when you are conected with your sis and at the doctors getting your sis removed, hope this helped... )

I like that there is alot of outcomes in this game so there is alot of content. I enjoyed all the jokes i wittnesed and i think it was cleverly written. I´m a fan of the visuals and arin´s voiceacting was top notch. But the kramer highfive tou...

Damn, this game is brutal. It's well made and the concept is nice though. It can also be unforgiving, but that's just me. It's a great game still!