Reviews for "Flipped."

That was the best car chase i ever seen, except for the fact that it was backwards. :3
But it was a good movie and nively done. But i have to say the Audio being played bakwards was really annoying.

I really want to see this rewinded so i can see it in the correct order. but besides that, good shit my man. Diggin the trippyness and meanings behind it. Cool concept bro.

Wow, this is really something!

I love the whole concept, you know, drinking and driving, etc. But even more how you express something that everyone who goes through something like this would want to do- Go back in time and fix your mistakes.

And I'm glad you didn't use a time machine. An hourglass is a bit more traditional and symbolic.

Emrox responds:

Thankya kindly.

Nice Concept. Really Enjoyed it.

I love reverse! It's like everything goes back to normal! Excellent Job man!