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Reviews for "Flipped."

I'm sorry but that was fucking amazing. You went all out on the visuals and 3d effects. The premise is clever and entertaining. You've improved a lot since last year! And even then you were great.

Non-comedy and non-time machine is very refreshing. This is up there with "Sick NATA 20112 F;Ash["

Emrox responds:

Well, I don't know about that last part.

Holy shit. This is beautiful.

You were right about needing a fresh approach to the time travel concept. Backwards motion, cool idea! But the plot would be soo much great if we had a sense of what was wrong with him and why he did what he did. Anyways, bravo!

Emrox responds:

Yeah, didn't really flesh all that out, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Dude that was pretty awesome!

Its really interesting how the story gets played in reverse, you don't see much of that now days...

I really liked the lighting effects...I can see your style has improved quite a bit.

Keep it up!


Emrox responds:

Hey, thanks man!

whoa. No, just, whoa. Really creative. How do you come up with these kinds of ideas?

Emrox responds: