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Reviews for "Flipped."

not bad =)

I liked this flash ... I think you could have played up to the concept of consequences and hindsight a little more than just entering the bar; but it was a decent flash. The animation was pretty good, the music was somewhat annoying, and it could have used some more content.
I'm not aware of the competition your in, what's NATA? Anyways, overall you did very well in this flash! I hope you make more and get further in whatever competition this is ...

Emrox responds:

It's the "Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animators." Check out nata.newgrounds.com for information.

love the idea! lol chevy volt

Emrox responds:

You have a keen eye, my friend.

('Cause who wouldn't want a volt, amrite?)

Now that was quite the amazing entry.
Sure hope this guy makes it to the next round.

Emrox responds:


The reverse time idea is cool.

Reverse playing the audio is also a good idea but should rather be used as an effect.
Playing the music reverse all the time just sounds off and most peopel probably wouldnt figure out why at all.

Emrox responds:

Duely noted. Thanks!