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Reviews for "Flipped."

Buuut..... if he flips the sands of time over, when he does it backwards, he would then put it right-side up! Paradox?

Either way, nice idea, smooth backwards animation except when getting the money it looked like he was handing it back instead of receiving it in a backward animation.
5/5 9/10 (or 4.5/5, I don't get the new system)

Emrox responds:

I actually thought about the sand flipping paradox for a while, and I came to the conclusion that time would have to freeze once the sand is half-flipped.

exuse me creator do you by any chance know how to take videos from youtube and put them on your account?

Emrox responds:

Nope! Sorry.

Now that was really something diferent from the rest of the entrys. Good job and nice animation as well, although the reverse soundtrack isn't really my taste. But that's just me.

great idea, good work ^_^

so the man was god?

Emrox responds:

I dunno. Maybe.