Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

I don't think I'm a fan but I really liked it.
And for voices You could take samples from the series in japanese. It doesn't really have to match the text. I know that's totally silly but perhaps You are silly too? (No offense, I know, I am!)

bocodamondo responds:

haha i guess i am silly ^^
but neh. i will have real voices for next episode instead of voice clips...because i saw some guys doing that in YT. taking voice clips. and it was very pathetic and bad. so id rather have it voiceless then put voice clips on it

Cool :3

So far you have stayed to the storyline, and explained even the backstory. The art isn't bad either, and it kept the dbz feeling. I hope they see this.

bocodamondo responds:

if you mean with "they" salagir & gogeta jr. then of course i did asked them via message if i should animate this back then when i didn even started. they agreed and i did send them just days ago a message about this finished version ^^
they said they did liked it ^^

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the new episodes of dragon ball z, well when they were new to america, I felt that same feeling of eagerness, on the edge of my seat. I love this and would love to see more of it. This project not only as said previously stayed to the DBZ atmosphere of the show, but to me it felt like an extension to the series. Kinda like the "what if" saga in the "Raging Blast" games. This was well thought out and planned, the art although wasn't "Akira Toriyama" good, it was still wonderfully drawn.


"WARNING: this flash is nothing awesome or epic! so dont expect much..but i guess this enough to sadisfite DBM fans who really wants to watch the manga animated."
NO! This IS awesome or epic! I definitely would continue to watch these! Creativity like this is amazing!