Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

I enjoyed the concept of the animation, I enjoyed it but when I went to your website, google chrome stopped me and alerted me to the presense of malware on your website.

If your negative vote came from "quality" Thats understandable but you must remember that this is his first entry so cut him slack. Don't you remember your first animation? I bet it wasn't as smooth and fluent as you would like it to be but you gave it your all. If your negative came from "no audio" Thats really a shame cause a story can still tell a story without a sound and still leave a impact, its called ACTION! :D which brings me to this, yes there isn't much going here but Its just a filler/build up to whats about to happen. So sit back, shuddap and enjoy ;)

You have sold me on your idea. I offer my services as voice actor

Need it to be continued! -_-
i was like OMG CELL. and it ended. daaamn youuuu
nice video though. i liked how there's no voices. i hope your next submission in regards to this gets front page immediately.

bocodamondo responds:

i hope that too xD

i thought gohan killed cell