Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

This is shibby, for the record as awesome as Broly is Vegito would doo doo on him so bad in a fight.

This is one of the best DBZ videos I have seen! The use of classic DBZ sound effects was great, animation was spot on, and explanation of everything was easy to follow. It would sound epic with voices I reckon, hmm if you wanted to add in voices maybe you could ask some of the famous voice actors on newgrounds like ricepirate, sure they would love to help with such a master piece. Probably keep the subtitles on also and in the next video maybe keep them just for a few more seconds, mainly the ones where a lot is said in regards to the story or longer lines. BUT SERIOUSLY AMAZING JOB! I have watched many series on newgrounds and this is THE MOST I AM LOOKING FORWARD TOO! After a very very long time, I am speechless at how amazing it is.

5/5 5/5 favorites and subscribed :D, keep it up!

bocodamondo responds:

hehe thanks for critic and advice :)
but i dont think ricepirate going to help me on this thou ^^

i would have been pk if the actual series took this turn

This plot is amazing, as if the actual creator did his work within it.
With something like this you should really look into getting some professional animators ( Multiple of them, i'm sure theirs plenty that love DBZ enough to help you out with this. )
And some voice actors, i recommend looking into the YouTube channel: "Teamfourstar"
They do some amazing voice acting, if you don't already know them.

Present your idea, they'd be more than inclinded to work with you on this.

The only problem would be the actual lines & plot, but... obviously... that's covered.

You've got two things going for this, my friend, and thats the animation and bgm. It really is well done, it looks great. The subtitles go too fast sometimes so make sure you give the longer lines some more time so we can read them. I understand why you went with subtitles: hearing amateur voice actors replace the classic voices would almost insult some fans, but if you keep this going for awhile, you may even get sean schemmel and chris sabat to pitch in on this. It's got lots of potential friend,
good luck!

bocodamondo responds:

"Lanipator" sounds exactly like christian sabat...but i think he will not help me...well NOT if i pm him at least...i wish i had good contacts :CCCCCC