Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

This is actually very good so far! I hope you'll continue your work. But like jackor said, try and look up certain moves fighters use like Vegito couldn't use Big Bang Kamehameha, so like a Super Kamehameha or even a Final Kamehameha. Just look more info on most characters and you're set!


bocodamondo responds:


I've never seen anything quite like this on newgrounds, and i've been here for years.

I WOULD have give you 4.5 stars, because the ''auras'', voice acting and mouth syncronization could use a little work, but I realized (as a Dragonball fan) that you have made something that by far surpasses alot of online stuff.

As mentioned below me, contacting voice actors (and probably som aura designers) would be a really great idea.

Just do me one favor, don't give up on this, I want to see more stuff like this from you, but do take the needed time, it's better to have a great result after a long time, than to have some bad results with less waiting.

oh, and I also gave you 5/5, I WOULD do ''over 9000'' but that doesn't seem possible, and could take me years.

As for what exactly you should work on:

i noticed the different aruas, they did look like they should, but they seemed to move around a bit ''laggy'' they need to be more smooth, but they are alright as they are if you want to keep them this way.

Mouth syncronization:
It clearly eksplains itself, the mouths don't seem to be completely syncronized with the words, This can be easily seen when looking at words, and noticing how the mouths are placed.
as an exmaple, you can't say ''O'' with your lips tied to an ''M''

Voice acting:
Just get some better voice actors, and it's great, nothing else to say, but I still can take it if you leave it be.

Though the animations were great, they of course could be more smooth, work only a little more on that, and they'll be as smooth as the series themselves.

''drawing'' :
This is really great, I could recognize every single person, of course there are a few things that make them look a little different, but it's actually not worth caring about.

Have a good day, and keep up this great work, i'll be waiting with patience until the next part

I must hand it to you recreating this from comic form to animated form is by far one of the best things I've seen so far very nice job and a very large 5 stars for you :)

May anime last forever.. thank you for your dedicated hard work in bringing it back.. this is saved to my favorites and i gave it five stars because had you added voices, this would've taken you twice as long to finish, thus decreases the chances of there being more of these, due to extra hard work. By the way, your quality is outstanding. I'd love to see more.