Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

very good idea i like it only thing i dont like is the text speed... some point you get 1 second to read the text before it changes and for me and im sure many others are slow readers so if i can maybe add in a click/spacebar to continue to next text or even just slow the gaps down a bit

other than that its good grapihcs are good storyline is also good looking forward to the next

4/5 (just because the text was too fast for me marked it down to 4)

bocodamondo responds:

yeah sorry about that text thing. i really wanted to change it but the thing is...Flash 8 turns into a tottal bitch once the flash project gets big. it crashes alot. many Errors. and the lag gets really big. i couldnt really stand that. but the next will have voices and slower text :)

ill echo with guitan11 the story is appealing and it makes sense in the dragonball universe, the lack of voices really is a dissapointment and i hope we get voices for the next episode.the animation was above the avarage in my opinion but could be better as for the art, could do some work too.
overall, i look forward to see how the story develops as well as the animation

A VERY good animation with a great story. The story and animation are actually quite good. Sure the animation could use some work but the thing you may need to work on is the spelling and you may wanna fact check yourself.

For one thing the move Vegetto did was NOT the Big Bang Kamehameha. It was a simple kamehameha. The big bang Kamehameha was done like a ball and was performed by Super Sayain 4 Gogeta. You may want to correct this and future errors.

Otherwise the animation was great. Another thing you may want to do is make the on screen text stay for a little longer. It moves so fast that sometimes i had trouble actually reading it AND taking in the scene.

I have vto say I am rather impressed, not the best dragonball animation I have seen but you did a great job with the static portion.Story was so so but bearable,I hope to see a great wrap up. Keep it coming. The only thing which tome would have been cool but only my opinion as I am a fan of the Japanese Ost track would have been the Japanese Scores but that is just me.

bocodamondo responds:

i love japanesse OST more then the US ones too ^^

Been reading for a while, I watched this out of curiosity expecting crap, but I think this was pretty well done for just one guy. I like the loader in particular. Keep polishing those skills.