Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

An alternate title of this game could be Battle Billiards.

To give you an idea of how much I like this game, I just beat it now and I've been playing it since it came out. That was over a year ago. Holy crap. The final gear core boss was destroyed by wild bees. :P

Here's the ending screen: http://imageshack.us/a/img109/9817/qf jw.jpg

Notice how it says contraception instead of contraption. :P

Awesome keep upthe goodd work and fan me pls :)

The innovative battle/movement dynamics is the saving grace of this game, but still needs a lot of refinement.
Some issues:
-GUI and outer portions of arena will block portions of the arrow.
-movement/attack is very buggy and erratic; sometimes I do random attacks multiple times.
-Ties into above criticism that the AI goes bonkers.
-No intuitive feedback info. What is enemies' range? How do I know what units/elements will be effective, when will enemies do extra elemental attacks?
--- A BIIG fault: Friendly Fire??? Not only will a mistake lead to either a death of a teammate and/or a loss, it's random (I really don't understand why sometimes there would even be a push force click-event on a teammate). I'd understand if there were the simple ricochet 1-dmg effect, but that needs to be fixed.
-A lot of upgrades are completely boring and seem useless. You don't really feel the upgrades.
-upgrade curve and market need revision (I have all this money with nothing to use it on except cheap items).
-Spells/more dynamic attack system? It's just all attacks.
-adding billiard-like angles.
-tweak ricochet damage/push values.
+ I do love the great attack/movement system! Innovative. Great new tactical potential. Hopefully you can polish it off.

awesome game

This has have the worst hit detection I've ever seen. Why would anyone make the shadows have collision? What the living hell were you thinking? That makes this game unplayable for me. Considering the entire combat system is based on collisions, it ruins the entire experience.