Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

There's a lot of potential in the concept, but I don't think you really thought out the rest. First and foremost, the experience curve is ridiculous. I could be grinding battles for years and never level up. This is especially important since stats seem to dominate the game. I know you want people to play your game, but if people don't really feel like their effort is worth anything then the game's not worth playing.

Plus, I don't feel like all the elements of gameplay are covered in the tutorial. I would've liked to know if moving into my allies hurt them beforehand instead of figuring that out for myself. On that note, why is it that when you move into your ally, you either just damage them or push them depending on what seems to be chance. I don't know if that's a bug or part of gameplay, but if it's the latter then it needs to be explained.

It's really the small details you have to fix. Bouncing off the SHADOW of the terrain and not the actual terrain really messes up coordination. You get used to it, but sometimes it's just a nuisance.

The challenges are actually well thought out, but with your characters not being able to level up at a reasonable rate, they start to become impossible as the enemies just start doing obscene damage. The damage is actually mostly elemental, because the challenges cut your resistance to a flat amount, making resistances essentially useless. Try just reducing the resistances instead of bringing them straight to -50 or -100.
This idea of "billiards rpg" is pretty neat, but an innovative concept doesn't make up for lack of development.

Some good ideas and designs, but flawed in execution.

To begin, the interface needs to be operable by hotkeys. Without hotkeys, it takes too long to issue commands to the characters. The in-play interface could also use more functionality, such as the circles underneath the objects light up when it is in the path. It is too difficult to tell which objects will be in your path when your character dashes, and this makes it frustrating. In short, the interface was design to be fancy, but needs to be much more functionally easy to use.

As to gameplay, the AI acts very inconsistently, and seems entirely random. Sometimes, the AI units just sit there and do nothing. This makes it frustrating sometimes because the game partly focuses on which random move the AI makes.

Finally, the pace is too slow. Leveling slows down to a crawl due to the exponential (2^x) factor in xp required to level. The battles also take too long.

that sucked!i was hoping it would actully be simalar to the legend of zelda or somthing like thati ts a little good but it needs better graphics PLUS no adventure its to boring its wores than school

eh...pretty boring.

an ok game
the enemies should be weaker and have better ai
it gets annoying when you get a 5 combo to barely damage a big enemy and then get two shotted