Reviews for "Dash'n Knights"

a good game and so medieval.In fact I like medieval games.I will rate 4 'cause it loads so slow

I would not say this game is a ripoff because it isn't, but is a very similar game to Bumper Bowl, which you can find here at newgrounds... if you like this game, you would love that one too!

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the info. When we start developing this game, we actually do some research on game that have similar theme. Some of the game that you may find similar and should try:
- Squid (iOS)
- Metal Walker (GBA)

so fun! I love this game. the only thing I dislike is how you can attack your team, so I have to go around them to kill a monster. other than that, its amazing. ( and slightly addicting )

this game..... IS SOOOOO FUCKING FUN!

Good game, original gameplay and nice visuals. However, the main problem is the camera. It is really awkward, and hard to control. if the arrows controlled the camera the game would be perfect. It is really annoying to have to go around with the mouse, and then back. Also, clicking on characters should go to them, that would be a huge time saver. When the mouse its outside the game, the camera drifts to the top left angle which is again a huge pain.
When clicking on a character to check on their health you have to be super quick before the next move or wait for yours otherwise you are gonna miss it, and with the camera in the game makes a dastardly combination. It just makes it VERY bothersome. If you click on a character's logo to check their stats, the computer shouldnt automatically leave and go to the one whose turn it is.
Finally... the fact that you dont touch objects but instead their round shadows was very confusing and frustrating at first. Especially the rocks.