Reviews for "Incident:011A"

Rip rich, A background character that appeared in madness combat 3 as "employee of the month" Before being slaughtered in his and torture's own little incident. atleast he put up a fight unlike his fellow grunts. i guess he got employee of the month for a reason...? other than that, not much needs to be said, its fucking krinkels. nobody can top the god of animating madness. Safe to say the animation was smooth, the music was fucking perfect, a great animated accomplishment by krinkels and cheshyre.

Aw, Rich was employee of the month too. Ah well, something different at least :P


please make more

I like Madness episodes where the protagonist is something unusual. Jebus has been done and a duo of characters has been done. This one has a mag agent and that hasn't been done before. And his kills are especially brutal and gruesome. Nice.

The guy attacking (poking) the mag agent with a police baton is an idiot.

Nice interaction between the slayer of mag agent and mop cleaner in the end.