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Reviews for "Incident:011A"

big boys and big blood.

Very much enjoyed this one. Incredibly amusing to see an animation follow one of these huge guys as he quite literally just tears through everything in front of him. Crazy.

my fav incident i wish the mag won and had a reason for betraying the aahw but still great anf fun to see rich in action

While I'm not too big of a MAG fan, I do love it when characters just get smooshed into the wall like this. I liked the implied story of a devoted MAG agent going on a rampage because he's dissatisfied with the state of the AAHW or whatever the organization is at this point. That little bit of monologue at the start was actually really cool and didn't drag things down like in some movies. As for the action, I appreciated how he was so casual with the killing. There was decent variety, with ripping people up and stuff, but not enough. Most of it was people getting punched into the wall, which is satisfying, but gets old after a while, just like any move constantly reused in a Madness toon. The ending was pretty nice (and funny) and I liked how the MAG had to break through every single door to get through.
Overall a neat and satisfying incident, but could have been cooler with more variety, like throwing tiny-ass knives back at the tiny-ass grunts who threw them first or something. Maybe he could have grabbed one, spun around and Olympic-tossed him, etc. Just feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. Cheshyre's music was nice though.

Krinkels responds:

solid criticism, brooooOOOooo thanks!

poor janitor!