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Reviews for "Incident:011A"

Decent skit. I thought it was weird how hesitant most of the agents were to attack this guy, and how those that fought didn't seem to mind using melee weapons or not running. That said, the animation is good. Seemed kind of weird that the spikes didn't have any blood on them at the end though.

That guy hitting him weakly with the baton was like-

eh take dat wand dat and *Gets smacked across the room*

I like how Torture just breaks in through the doors and punches the grunts to the other side of the room with ease

The boss of the first dead guy:
No,he was the employee of the year, wait, i didn't now hem
He's my employee in my tummy. I don't pay him. Wait, nooooooooooooooo! I must pay for this damage!
Yes you do sucker, yes you do!

That was short but sweet. Awesome job!