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Reviews for "Incident:011A"

*Big boi enters building*

"Their disarmony is my pain. And my pain... BELONGS TO THEM" - me when I decided to finish college in 3 years with honors

Im always curious why the giant Smith (Not sure if he has an actual name) has two nails lodged in his head. Perhaps it'll make him feel constant pain and therefor make him more aggressive, and inflicted pain wouldnt hurt him as much. Or one day someone thought it was funny and decided to stab him with two giant nails, who knows.

Why does the dude have nails in his head? Just asking.

Interesting to see an action video starring a "big dog" against multiple smaller guys.
The only thing I think could've improved it would be if we saw the agents work more as a team near the mid-point and give the giant here a real struggle.