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Reviews for "Chompy"

Does this have a ... blues? influence? (The bass in particular) It seems to flow a lot better than most jazz (I just don't like the transitions in normal jazz).
Regardless. I love this piece.
Also like the latino influence (1:24) (Like the music from Tropico), and the big-brass sound (0:43), is that broadway style?

Step responds:

Hmm, the bass is indeed pretty bluesy, and the brass is pretty reminiscent of big band Broadway music, true! Truth be told, I was probably most inspired by the Donkey Kong soundtrack, in particular this:

You should definitely give jazz another chance. I'm not a fan of the really avant-garde, weird stuff in which I have no idea what's going on, but I listen to a fair bit of modern jazz like this:
which is really amazing, and flows wonderfully in my ears.

Either way, thanks a lot for the review. I'm grateful!

Haha I wanted to point it out... but then I figured you being the person you are would address it soon enough. And I guess I was entirely right! :D

That said, being a big fan of the DKC games (I still have the cartridges!) I highly admire your personalized Jungle Jam! It's very well done and honestly I think you did an amazing job!

Keep it up! :D

~Phyrnna ^_^

Step responds:

Hey Phyrnna! Reeaally appreciate you dropping by. I love your reviews!

Yeah, I didn't think it'd be too much of an issue for the game to use a DK arrangement if it wasn't making any money (or a negligible sum), but Chompy got sponsored so both the creator and I agreed that custom music is the safest and best way to go. We kept Jungle Swing as a placeholder while I worked on this track as quickly as I could haha.

And damn, "personalised Jungle Jam" is the best description ever! I was definitely very inspired by DK music while making this, partially because the plan was to purposefully make a track similar to Jungle Swing, and partially because DK music is awesome.

Glad you liked it. Thanks again!

Fantastic improv and composition! Some real work went into this beast!

Step responds:

Yep, we all worked very hard on it! Personally, this amounted to around 23 hours of work. I'm really glad the effort shows.

Thanks for the review ^_^.

Simply awesome ;)
Props to all the musicians!

Step responds:

Thanks! Indeed, the musicians did an excellent job with this.

I appreciate you leaving a review man.