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Reviews for "Chompy"

You're quite good at jazz! This is so catchy. The way the brass sounds I seem to like the most about this piece.

I do hear the similar style of Jungle Swing. In fact, this going together with Jungle Swing would sound really good... The soft beat going on is pretty cool, by the way. Very nice track, Step!

I already gave Chompy a try and it is an adorable and challenging game with simple gameplay.

Step responds:

I'm quite fond of that brass too! It's supposed to be orchestral brass, sure, but I found that it was just about versatile enough for me to fit it into a jazz setting, and of course it helped the authenticity to overlay the real instruments camoshark sent me on top of what I already had too.

Making it similar to Jungle Swing was something I definitely intended - since Jungle Swing is originally what was included in the game, and since it fit quite well, I preferred to play it safe and stick with the style that I KNOW works with the game if you get what I mean. I did try and make this track a bit more bouncy and upbeat though, since Jungle Swing had a lot more low-key/slower sections.

Thanks for all these reviews :3.

This is some masterpiece!
You all have great skills - in composing, playing and recording.
Keep it up!

Step responds:

That's awesome to hear. Thanks for dropping by!

THis game had a spectacular soundtrack :)

Step responds:

Woo, glad you think so. Thanks for the review :3.

Nice little song, I played Chompy just to hear it :3

Step responds:

Thanks for listening ^_^.

Ahh, I missed this one? No way! I love that jungle-y groove at the beginning, and the climax into :43 is awesome. It's a very fun and jazzy piece. I liked how you faded out the screeching monkey FX at 1:06, even if it sounded a bit unnatural. It definitely seems appropriate for a videogame as well - it's fast-paced and fun, yet the theme is very succinct. Once again, I didn't even notice that it looped the first time it did! :O I swear I can just perfectly picture a bunch of jungle animals doing jazz hands all the way to the river to get a drink of water. XD All the solos in the middle of the piece are awesome as well. All of these talented musicians did an excellent job, and you mastered it into a final product really well, Step. Your music is simultaneously feel-good, relatable and epic! Well, I'm off to go make other people feel good about their music for a while...but you keep producing! I'll be back, haha! ;D

Step responds:

Oh sure write me another review because YOU WEREN'T AWESOME ENOUGH ALREADY.

Really glad you liked this one. The fading monkey FX would've been without the delay, but I thought it was a bit abrupt, and adding a bunch of reverb gave a lot of unfitting space/largeness to the track, so I opted for a minor delay effect.

Yup, I'm very grateful to the musicians who played in this track. Some of them have played in multiple pieces of mine and while I haven't met any of them (everything is done through camoshark) I hope they know that some random guy in Malta is super thankful. c:

Thanks for ANOTHER review, seriously.