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Reviews for "Chompy"

Blow that brass boy, blow it!

This is nice and jazzy. Great job!

God, is this awesome. Reminds me of DK just a tad slower and more groovy.

i kinda like this game i beat it and now i got all of the medals for step i hope you get this

Ooh, this is very nice. Kudos for getting orchestral brass/string synths to cooperate for a jazz piece. Your percussion writing is very strong and drives the piece well. High end on the strings sticks out a tad bit when things get heavy, but that's to be expected. Bass sounds a tad out of tune on the high end, but that could be because of volume. It's only in certain spots. Doesn't really detract from the song.

Loop is a bit jagged, but barely. Excellent work, especially mixing on the live instruments!

Step responds:

Gonna have to agree with you on the high-end complaints. I abuse high-end haha. And there is definitely something wonky with that bass. My bass samples suck :(.

Thanks for the review, man!