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Reviews for "Room Raider"

it was hard, the early levels should be easier, but overall I liked it.

I love the concept.
I would like more lives at the start of the rooms. Descriptions of what all the guns are. Maybe a way to shuffle through all the guns?

This game is interesting.
First off I made it through fifteen rooms, and no medals. I do not see myself pursuing this through to try to beat it.
I love the graphics first of all. Amazing. I would honestly love to see these graphics implemented into an actual structured platformer; even dare I say, a metroidvania type. It looks amazing.
The controls were fine to me, the rooms with reversed controls were difficult but not insane or anything.
The only qualm I have is with the essential structure, the random rooms and sort of survival mode, make it as far as you can, gameplay isnt really for me, i was really stoked when i saw the graphics. I was expecting a sick platformer with upgradeable weapons etc. I think if you took this code, and made a game with a story out of it, you would have great success, and a million fans.
Keep it up this was awesome, thankyou.

SinclairStrange responds:

You read my mind :3. My next flash is going to be a metroidvania styled game. This is really only a prototype as such as I just wanted to see how far I could push flash :P.

Decent potential, and not a terrible game, but reversed controls is not a fun gimmick to use regularly. Beyond the reversed controls, the difficulty seemed hard, but relatively enjoyable (aside from the occasional really bad room+weapon combinations).

alright, the knockback was horrible, the shotgun is a really bad weapon, and there is no way to heal
but it was an interesting idea of a game, all you have to do is work on it a bit and it'll be much more playable