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Reviews for "Room Raider"

It's not a bad game. It's solid when it comes to the graphics, and sound. The game mechanics would be solid to, if they weren't so random. I like challenging games, but not with quirky, random, gimmicks, that often has the player guessing for a few seconds, figuring them out, while taking eminent damage from enemies and obstacles. I understand the ice, fire, wind, ect, elements, and those are fine things to have, but the game needs something more to ground the mechanics down. Like, get rid of the random guns, and keep to ones you think are best for particular rooms. I guarantee people will enjoy the game more if it had less randomness to it.

The different obstacles likehte fans or ice make the difficulty way too high to be fun, espeically withoutt much wanrning other than room color. Hard is fun. Impossible quickly gets old and not worth trying again. Personally, i get sick of the fans REAL fast and stopped playing because of them.

this game is good really but here's the problem. when you beat a room i just went on and i killed myself not knowing that there is lava or spikes right in front of me so i should slow down a little. this is a hard game but it is fun cause your weapon changes every level you get but it depends on luck rather you get a awful weapon or a good weapon. the game is good but i can barely beat the game cause i can't heal and almost every time a enemy is right there and hits you and you can barely dodge it but the fire is a different story. also another thing that bothers me and pissis me off a lot is the weapon cause you get sent back a little and when you use it you step back a little and die cause there is a sudden death waiting for you so it is impossible to get all medals
good game though sorry i type too much


The mechanics are good, but the game is impossible without being able to regain health.