Reviews for "Room Raider"

alright, the knockback was horrible, the shotgun is a really bad weapon, and there is no way to heal
but it was an interesting idea of a game, all you have to do is work on it a bit and it'll be much more playable

Game was good

Too random!
With constantly changing weapons of varying reliability and rooms that limited my controls in many different ways, I found it difficult to actually enjoy the game.

The recoil from the guns was annoying. Most of the enemies were too large relative to the player's character to allow for much dodging.

Nice concept.

The game is too erratic for me. Random weapons would have been fine if they were all balanced, but every time there's a lot of enemies I somehow get stuck with a pea shooter which can't go anywhere. The controls are wonky, especially in the reverse rooms, meaning that the easiest way to win is to just run into the enemy.
The enemies (and projectiles of the stationary one) are way too big and near impossible to dodge in most cases.

Is this a hard game? Yes. Is this game fun in its difficulty? No.

Way too much kickback on every weapon. Made dodging almost impossible.