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Reviews for "Room Raider"

What a great game! Fun and put together nicely. :)


Very nice but difficult and tedious.

Wow, quite a concept! While I wasn't too happy with the kinds of enemies and weapons, everything else was quite awesome. I like how you don't stay in any one room for too long. The animation and sound quality were excellent. It's got pretty good music, too. I could totally see myself getting wrapped up in this game.

I do, however agree with most here that the reversed controls are more annoying than fun. It's a little more entertaining as the occasional gimmick or status effect than to be part of the actual controls. -0.5 stars for making my brain hurt. ;P

Some things I notice while playing this game that other players may over look.

1.Room 7 will heal you back up a little bit ( good luck on finding it when you need it).

2.In the revers rooms, Jump and shoot in the same time to lessen the effects of the increase gravity.

3. The shotgun can shoot through walls.

Anyways, I had fun while playing this game and I will play it again later.

Some things I notice while playing is that the spinning enemy will sometimes bounce right off of my head, without damaging me. Also, It is possible to go straight up a wall if you can jump from below it in the right spot ( you have to be able to at least walk under it to from what I have seen).