Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

Hilarious! other Super Good Job Jonbro

... THE HELL!?!?!? Uhhh..... the hell!?!?!?! I can't think of what to say. eh, Good movie. very original. make another.

This is just HILARIOUS!
The author must really be..
I don't know. SO CREATIVE!!

... what the hell did i just watch!?!?!? hilarious and great animation!

Wow, that sounded almost painful to read. How long was this movie? Hehe, you're a silly guy, and as worn-out as mario and kirby are, now I kinda want to see a slightly more serious movie about a mario-kirby co-op(erative)!

Great stuff, hope to hear more of you painfully speaking for... like 3-5 minutes! Cuz it's funny! you taking one for the entertainment and all!

No seriously, was that all one recording?! Probably not but it kinda sounded like it! xD

JonBro responds:

Through the course of making this movie, I actually used about three full entirely different recordings. None of them were done in one take, though--some of those run-on sentences are rather difficult to read! And the movie is a little over 2 minutes long.
Thanks for the review!