Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

Heh, that was actually quite good, at the begining i was like WTF !? but then it started getting random funny, kind of like something you would have animated from a story someone drunk said. Good Job!

Wow, very spot-on with how most bad fanfiction works. I'm assuming this is based off of an actual fic, right? If not, then you did a rather good job capturing just how bad some fanfic writers can be.

That was odd, and im sure you had to catch your breath after words, but still prety entertaining, good job.

I felt this is very strong movie, but I didn't like the narration voice. i understand you were trying for a kind of laid back voice but I believe that didn't quite make it. Try for a different pitch maybe a younger (not child) voice.

I recommend this movie.

JonBro responds:

Well, I wasn't going for a laid-back voice, but I'll try to improve :)

cool.... : (