Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

I hate the fictional character Kirby than any character in the world, just wanted to express my awesome opinion. Anyway as for the review for the actual animation it was mildly funny, it had alright animation but it was a bit too long for me.

Oh god, too freaking hilarious! Please make a series of narrated animations of shitty fanfiction stories! Please!?

Good animation...
But this is the reason why I don't read fanfictions.

I felt this is very strong movie, but I didn't like the narration voice. i understand you were trying for a kind of laid back voice but I believe that didn't quite make it. Try for a different pitch maybe a younger (not child) voice.

I recommend this movie.

JonBro responds:

Well, I wasn't going for a laid-back voice, but I'll try to improve :)

Lik dis if u crei ever tim