Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

loved it..haha i really liked how you used the backround music from the game events from kirby airride

Kirby looks soooo cute in the mario hat lol even tho i seen it a million times in SB :D

LOL.. this movie made me lol so hard. It's great that you used the fanfic word for word, capturing the bad grammar and such. Made the comedy pretty much write itself. Anyway GREAT JOB.. 5\5

Art was simple but nice looking, the voice acting was good, and I loved the sarcastic humor. I sometimes stumble upon crappy fanfics like this and enjoy reading them just for how absurd they are. The contradictions and plot holes are probably the funniest part of this. (They went back where they first met before leaving? :P)

I'd definitely encourage you to make more of these, if you can find another story ridiculous enough but still usable, haha.

The animation was great, but DO NOT GO TO THE FANFIC WEBSITE. It is infected, unfortunately, and is causing me a minor bit of pain at the moment (although fortunately not too bad).

JonBro responds:

Really? I never had any experiences with infections from the site, but SMBHQ has apparently changed its main fanfic page since this was written, so perhaps it's different now. In any case, I'm sorry for the inconvenience you went through :(