Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

I rated it 5 stars because I found that it was pretty funny and that it was pretty well made, meaning that the animation was decent and the voice acting was clean and not terrible sounding. I do recommend that you work on just lowering your speed at which you talk, some of the other viewers are apparently slow in the head and can't keep up, so they rate it zero thus giving you a shitty rating for practically nothing. Other than the speech just being a little bit too fast, this animation is a great piece of work, relatively good effort, and I hope to see more out of you soon.

Thank goodness for this cartoon or else the fanfiction without the pictures wouldn't have made sense. I'd give you a lower score but, it's not your fault Daniel Something is in 2nd grade when he wrote this.
How did Mario know he was in DreamLand? Where did Wario had relevance? WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?
The End.

all i heared was: then then then then, mario said, kirby said, lunch with luigi, then then then, then then then, kirby said, round shape :B

It was really nice to see an animation like this. As soon as I saw your name, I just wanted to see what had come up this time. I loved some of the drawings because some were LOL moments. For those who say this is bull****, they just need to grow up. It's an animation and the work was well done, which at least deserves some appreciation. Jonbro, you just simply impress me. I anticipate your next movies or games. *SQUEE*

lol nice story. kirby is my buddy ^_^