Reviews for "Crumpled"

wow this is realt good i like stickmen i like parkour and i like puzzles :P way to goalso the animation was so fluid how did you manage that?

Seems like a cool atmosphere, but found glitch...I died in the sludge on level 1, then there was no Start to push. GAme just sat there playing the music. I couldn't do anything. Fix this, I'd love to play again.

Wow. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING GAMES I HAVE EVAR PALYED. I mean, the smoothness of the player motion like, WOW.

Well shit, this is one of the most inventive games and fun games that I've ever played! I love the mechanics that you put into it and how you made it all work together. Well done. Very well done.

This game has interesting as well as fun gameplay!
I like the whole blob concept (: