Reviews for "Crumpled"

Nothing less than epic. Controls work for me, and I like the music. I like the fact there is not a lot of color, makes the color changes for the blob more prominent.

good game, i like parkour a lot.

however, it tries to prevent the character from being reckless, and it sucks.

Love the idea of the game, but the controls are a little like am walking on ice, also we should be able to move around in mid air, its annoying when i jump into a pit and i cant even stop it.
if you fixed some controls then this would definitly be better

I have to agree with the controls, not very convenient for a Righty.

Maybe for the next one, jumping on Atomicchipmnk's idea here.

Make it so you can use either WASD or arrows, using the mouse still to control the blob, but rather than having the blob always there ( it gets in the way, honestly) Click to activate blob when you need it and control it independently from there.

Summing it up:

-Having the blob on the screen all the time gets in the way in spots.
-The controls are very friendly to right-handed folks.

Other than that, it's a fun little game.

Good game. I don't like the controls at parts, so work on those for a possible sequel? and it will be perfect with better controls.