Reviews for "Crumpled"

Very addictive game and good gameplay. The controls were a bit iffy for me (I'm left-handed) and I was hoping that there were options to change is from wasd to the arrow keys. There weren't, of course.
Also, I was trying to find an alternative way to change the blob's colors. The wheel moved my entire browser so it was annoying every time I tried to change colors.
Other than that, it was an amazing game. 5 stars!

Lol it's amazing.... too cool i like it (:

Terrific however i wish when you get 2 colors it actually combines and makes a new color and combines those 2 colors plus another one

it was great i love games like this with a little bit of everything i couldnt beat level 4 but i love the other levels yeah i skipped level 4 but the graphics are good maybe you could touch up on the music but you know do you because its your game do whatever you want to it i just hope you dont delete it!!! : )

This game was kinda cool though! :D
I realy liked this game.