Reviews for "Dwarves in Space"

That was great. Except the credits are like 20 times longer then the actual video, but something tells me that is part of the joke here.

Elvidian responds:


I just don't know what to say. I know what I wanted to say. What I was going to say. Dwarves in Space? Really? But then, after watching it, I was moved. I was touched. I have been inspired.

The music is epic. Sets the tone, fits the mood. From start to finish, the music is simply captivating.

The art, as always, is spectacular. Smooth lines, great colors. Remarkable.

The animation is simply amazing. The transitions are nothing short of perfect.

The lighting is what concerns me. Unfortunately, I have never been to space. Therefore, I have nothing to judge that on. I have to go with what is depicted here.

With the quality of work shown here, I'm not surprised to see such a credit list. I applaud every name on that text scroll. I am amazed. I am inspired. I am in awe. Thank you. Thank you all.

watched through those long ass epic credits.

lol wielder of the one ring, i see you guys are ready for the hobbit movie.

5/5 10/ just for the awesome logo at the start and music. :P :P


So....where was the movie that the epic amount of credits would suggest? A dwarf suffocated in space, and...that was it?

Art - flawless. Music - Powerful. Content - Lacking.