Reviews for "Dwarves in Space"

At first, I thought that I was about to witness an animation of truly epicness, filled with hilarity and comic relief, the intro was good...and so was the derelict dwarf body. However, finding that this is the only thing besides an over used amount of credits that take up MOST of the loading time for the flash to work at all.

While the idea of Dwarves in Space is funny, and seeing a dead dwarf in space is also funny....the time it took to load something like this, for all that it was intended, was obnoxious and ill placed. I rate this submission, half a star, because of the "effects and music". The theme could have gone somewhere up and beyond, but it failed utterly in meeting the expectations of a Science Fiction/Medieval Fantasy Geek such as myself. If anything, I had hoped that this would rival the Larry episodes, but I can see that the time that took to make this "joke" of a flash was far more important than to give Larry fans what they want.

I hope that my review was helpful.

~GM H.K.A.

The credits were funny (Moss on IT) but the end began before i realised the intro had finished. Soundtrack is pretty good though.


@__@ wow that was so stupid i suggest you never do anything like that ever again

In space... nobody can hear a dwarf's eyes get sucked out of it's head from an incredibly powerful vacuum.
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