Reviews for "Dwarves in Space"

Based on a book?!?
I want to read it!

Fine. I'll make my own movie called "Dwarves Space In" It'll have blackjack and hookers.

lol damn you i ended up enjoying and biding my time to read the credits x.x\\

chief cheerleader: tom fulp
excecutiv epole dancer
spaghetti straining
wiedler of the one ring
hobbit spooker
dwarf scrubber
dwarven linguist

lol dwarves space in

although the credits were kind-of funny, its a major freaking let down Jazza, we ALL know you can do better than this weak shit! still i'm giving you a 4 because the credits were fairly funny....

"Assistant to Assistant's Brother's Dying Uncle"
"Executive Pole Dancer"
"Dwarf Makeup and Hair Design" - Your Mom
and many other needless but funny roles....

Amusing enough, but given the subject, I felt slightly let down. I feel like dwarves in space-ships would be kind of awesome.
The credits, however, were hilarious. And worth watching the movie again for.