Reviews for "Dwarves in Space"

I've just finished reading the book by Adam too and i've got to hand it to ya, that was surprisingly accurate! =p

At first i was a bit dissapointed from how short it was, but realized all the hard work that so many people had put into making this feature film. It truly deserves a Golden Globe! (loved the "Stunt Coordinator" lol)

It just wasn't funny. The only real joke was too short, and the overly long credits, while they had some silly entries, just weren't watching on their own standing. If you had put those credits to a longer animation, it would've been much better. I think you should've shown the dwarf making the machine and launching into space and THEN suffocating or something... I dunno. I just didn't find it funny at all.

Haha that was so creative, Love it!!

You should have called it Credits in Space.

So I can have the rights to "Dwarves' Space Inn"?