Reviews for "Dwarves in Space"

I see what you did thar!

The animation was good, and the music was perfect. Unfortunately, I must give you a -2 for being so short.


So... Art and Music Well Done, The Credits are a Nice Touch and Worth a Laugh.
It's alittle Less then I hoped, But well done none the less.

I noticed someone Complaining about load time, I had No such issue. well done.

My gawd i spent my computer loading for like 30 minutes and what i get?! a dead dwarf in space i was hoping it was a dwarf with orange hair and has a helmet and driving through space fighting and avoiding enemies,aliens and asteroids yeah little liked it but it wasted some of my time man try to be more active making animations next time ok? yeah im sure but it is like a hoax or a meme to me next time just try to be good at this

Really good art and music and very polished.
If it was actually anything at all, I probably would have rated 5 stars, easy.

I really loved the credits, though. Some really funny lines mixed up in the boring ones.