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Reviews for "Back to Alien Party"

Aliens there here to borrow our helmets!

Great game,
If your game is lagging try saving and reopening your browser, I am on an ancient laptop and had barely any lag, because I restarted my browser twice.

Was a very fun game.

Niceee not bad :)

Hm i didn't experience much lag unlike most other players. Only at certain times when the level progresses a slight lag can be seen but after awhile it works pretty fine again. Im using a Lenovo ideapad with intel core i7 with the build in graphics card and another independent one (sandybridge i think? not sure).

I found myself stuck to the screen trying to get as high as possible. But once completed, i didn't really want to replay since i already know where the small ufo was going to. The game concept is kinda interesting especially with the gain of medals with each thing you passed (hotair balloon etc) but i think it could be made more challenging. Maybe have more medals (hit more than 20 birds? o.o) or maybe a extreme difficulty level to choose from after the game's completed.

Still overall, great game. :D

Pretty nifty.

A well executed launch game, to be sure, but there is one, major, glaring problem:


I'm on a $1200 Asus ROG monster of a gaming laptop. NOTHING lags on this computer, except this game. I noticed that, at first, it ran fine, but as I upgraded my ship, it got progressively laggier and laggier. But, when I refreshed the page, it was fine. This game probably just has a RAM leak.

Just refresh the page; you'll be fine.


Fun game but it really shouldn't be this laggy, the graphics aren't amazing and there isn't any ridiculous physics or particle effects going on.

looks fun

But unplayable with my laptop. please add a low quality option!!