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Reviews for "Back to Alien Party"

Seen it before

It's an okay game, but it's been done before. Plus it's way to easy.

It's a good game but

it is really lagging too much...

It's a fun game, but...

I have a lot of the same complaints as other Newgrounders. It takes a long time to gather up money, even with probability upgraded. It gets a little laggy, too, but it's not awful. A radar upgrade would be REALLY nice to have. Overall, though, it's solid and fun.

Nice but

where is the low quality option? Cause it really slow

Great Game!

I really enjoyed this game.
Everything was done well, the graphics, music, vibe, and attribute system all tied in together, not to mention the fun factor!
My only suggestion would be to add the ability to control the craft while it's falling from the sky. That would definitely take care of the slow and tedious ride down.
Other than that this was a really fun game that had me playing for over an hour.
Keep up the great work!