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Reviews for "Back to Alien Party"

It's nice, but too unbalanced. Progress in both distance and money income stagnate after a while; upgrades seem to become less rather than more effective, which is the wrong way around. This makes me think that the luck factor even outweighs all upgrades and strategic choices you make in that respect. Of course, luck is always a factor in games like these, but there should be a balance.

The magnet upgrade is a double-edged sword by the way: the more you pick up on the way up, the less you pick up on the way down. Sometimes you fall back from way out in space and you hardly scrounge 50 bucks together.

I can also see why people feel the way down is too long. What made it relatively bearable for me is hoping to catch a pile of money and perhaps some gas. But it's long. Yes.

I also agree with the suggestions made by EowynArwen.

Good times! That's all I really have to say..

I thought it was really good, but it seemed just like all other 'launch this character and see how far he goes' games. I think it would have been better if you had added more of a story. By this I mean something like you get to certain checkpoints and then watch the latest development of the story. This breaks the game up in to bits, and makes it less boring for the gamer. Also, this brings in the opportunity for more upgrades and a few enemies as you progress.
I think this would solve the problem people seem to be having about getting bored.

Russian animation :)

Only Russians can put paper hat on an alian and use "space music" from early 1981 cartoon "the secret of third planet" :D


Cool game, only thing that bugged me was to wait for the fall down once you have all the upgrades and don't need the money.
Adding a little restart button for impatient folks would be appreciated