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Reviews for "Back to Alien Party"

Good enough

Sorry guys, but I have to say it - you screwed killing unused objects big time. After 10~15 "days" the game lags too much to be playable.

Otherwise, as others stated - good graphics, fitting sounds, minor bugs. As for the storyline - it looks like it was created to justify the title.

Not too bad

I guess I wasn't able to enjoy this as much as other people because it was hard to play. I think it would have been better if, while you were in the air, it displayed the blue arrow you were controlling your ship with. No offense, but this just didn't seem to have that good quality. At least the sounds weren't that bad. I do think it's a funny idea to ask the question of why people are not able to remember being kidnapped by aliens. Usually, the aliens have some memory erasing device they use.

The graphics aren't that bad, but it just doesn't seem anything too noteworthy. I guess with all the games out there, I just expect it to be better designed. On the plus side, at least this was fairly easy to understand. As you can't get far with the first few parts, it does motivate you to get more money. I don't think this qualifies as an "action" game.

Awesome Game but...

That was bloody difficult but after 1 or 2 hours i finally finished it.
But the only thing that disappointed me was the ending. i expected to see more than just a motion tween and bye.
Throw in an exciting ending then it will be worth finishing.
Bug- invisible items obstructing flight


This game is ok , from the grafic and storyline point of view, but the gameplay is
not so great. The alien is hard to control, you dont't have enough powerups and so on.....
Don't get me wrong. I like the game but it just doesn't stand up in this game type. THERE ARE A LOT (a lot) of games that are better than this.
I know that you worked on this a lot, and i 'm making a constructive criticism
Try to improve the gameplay, and you will do just fine.

Cute, but not a whole lot of substance.

I didn't seem to have the same problems with the lag other reviewers have mentioned. This was a cute little game, although it didn't take any big steps outside of the whole "flying thing tries to fly higher by collecting various upgrades/money for upgrades" genre. It was really quite safe. Well-constructed enough, although I ended up buying all the upgrades many rounds before I finally got up to the mothership. I was never quite engaged in the game, but it plays the role of a pass-time quite nicely.