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Reviews for "Back to Alien Party"

Fun Game!

There sure is a lot of whining going on here...

The game worked just fine for me on my 4-year old windows computer. The lag, if any, was negligible, and unused objects disappeared just fine. The upgrades were a little slow in the beginning, but that's the point, isn't it?

If any of the folks below me actually took a good 90 minutes and BEAT the game, they'd realize the later upgrades (helmet/ship) make you practically invincible.

Good music, good graphics, good upgrades, kept me involved the entire time. All in all, another great launch/toss game.

good, it could be better though

i like it, story kindda cute with alien left out.
upgrade display is cute and good.
from what i can tell, the main objective is to get as much money to get best equipment to finish the game, however ive played about 1/2 hour and still cant get to 1/2 the lvl so i quit.
a few changes i can think of is:
- its hard to get bag of money(not coin) cuz player gotta ram it (directly). if theres not gonna be a magnet for it, maybe make some kind of multiplier for the coin so its not always 1 gold everytime? ive increase the money probability but it isnt exactly help much, its hard to get money cuz gotta have damn good luck for it and because of it its getting repetitive and boring fast.
- fix the lag , after a while it became lag, what caused this i dunno, maybe the coin probability+ ?
- lower the item price , its hard to get lots of money if you can only magnetize coin (1 gold) even when got high coin probability.
- make it so the boost item (the one with arrow pointing up) will also work when you drop down to it.
- have some kind of radar? if not, decrease the probability of bird and balloon on early lvl, its hard to predict what you cant see, i almost always hit the bird and balloon, kindda frustrate me really.



Idk what you've been smoking.

Great game.


when you hit a bird it shows you his penis

i mean it, check that bug

Ok I guess...

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this game that much- because I felt the problems weighed it down too much. It was good, but not enough that I felt the need to finish it.
Firstly - the game lags- annoyingly. Of course you had the decency (I don't blame u for this though) to remove quality options, so I can't tell if its my computer or bad coding. But the game lags, and that's a problem.

Secondly- Invisible objects. I first noticed this when I hit a balloon going up, and then wasted all my fuel ramming into the balloon over and over again. This silly 'invisible' objects rule applies to everything except money, and I do feel it breaks the game completely; if you remember where things are you can double collect them, and everything else gets 'multiple hits' on you. It looks like things were made invisible instead of being removed, which is a big no-no.

Third - Power-ups. Now I invested in money, engines, battery and air resistance, so everything else is zero while those are about 1/2 way or 4/5, yet I cannot reach even the 2/5 of the way. Unless your powerups rise exponentially, (which by the battery increases of 1 I doubt) I don't see any realistic way I can finish the game without some serious luck. Which is why I stopped.
Those were my three main gripes, and without them the game would WORK perfectly. The graphics are great and the sounds are great. But overall, I don't know. Although I think the idea was a good concept, I don't see it implemented in the story (there are no humans at the party) and frankly, the game doesn't seem to fit it. I don't feel any reason to finish playing for fun, other than the OCD will to complete the game. Its a good game, but it needs a bit more than that.