Reviews for "Age Of The Brotherhood P2"

This was really good. It's like watching someone who started and is only getting better. With that said I do really love the flash parts. With that said I can't lie I can see if you ever wanted to move from Sprites to Flash, that it would work out.

I mean a story this good, about the only way I could see it not "looking" good is if you said the hell with it and went to classic stick figures XD

anyways Good job to both you and the cast!

U give us alway a suprie I cant wait when the new slave of eggman will come and I hope there come more and new hedgehogs :) (and who is the desert dweller annyway)

this was awesome looking forward to the next part man im tingling like a little girl

all nero has is a flame LOL

I just have one question why did you take 2 years for a new part of age of brotherhood was there any problem?

Milanous responds:

several problems but it's only 19 months not 24 thats like a whole 5 months.

But i got several things going on to prevent that again,