Reviews for "Symphony"

Raised my day to a ten

I loved this game. It really helped me relax after the stressful day I've had. The game was well designed. Hard but not so obscenely difficult I had to find a walkthrough all of the time, I only had to look up a solution once.

But my favorite part of the game was how in each puzzle you'd get another glimpse of how the full song would sound when totally together.

And you didn't just keep adding colors you would always mix it up one level would have red and yellow, and the next wouldn't have red yellow and blue. it would just have yellow and blue. which gave you a better glimpse of the song but still hide it.

The only real complaints that I have is that there isn't a total song I can download and listen to. But I also wish that the full song was longer. at the end you play all of the colors for us, but the tune is a bit short and loops after maybe ten seconds, and while it's really good it's still short unfortunately.

But really those are just minor nitpicks, it's still a great game. I would love to see some kind of sequel. Maybe with a different genre of music? Maybe with a longer version of the same genre? Any way Keep up the good work. I'm definitely telling my friends about this game.


Words cant explain...

Beautiful Game!

Music was simply captivating along with great fluid, and fun gameplay! Nice Job!

Best music ever.

title explains it

Cool game

Just awesome game. A real relaxer after hard work.